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Frank   Laboratory   of   Neutron   Physics


A l e x a n d e r  V l a d i s l a v o v i c h  B e l u s h k i n

Director of the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, JINR

Alexander Vladislavovich Belushkin, Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)

Institution, address:

Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141980 Dubna, Russia

Phone     : (7-49621) 65-657
Fax     : (7-49621) 65-085
E-Mail  :

Born: 4 February 1956, Ukhta, USSR

Education: (years, institutions, degrees, title of thesis)

1973 - 1979 - Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Faculty of Experimental and Theoretical Physics

1984 - Candidate of Sciences (Phys. & Math.) («The Research of Dynamics of the Lattice of Molecular Crystals by the Method of Neutron Scattering»)

1997 - Doctor of Sciences (Phys. & Math.) («The Research of Crystals with the Disordered Hydrogenous Bonds by the Method of Neutron Scattering»)

Professional career:

1973 - 1979 - Research Assistant, Junior Researcher, Research Associate, FLNP, JINR

1989 - 1992 - Scientific Secretary of FLNP, JINR

1992 - 1994 - Visiting Scientist, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (UK)

1994 - 2000 - Deputy Director, FLNP, JINR

2001 - Acting Director, FLNP, JINR

2001 - Director, FLNP, JINR

Teaching activity, memberships:
Member of RAS Scientific Council on Ferroelectrics and Dielectrics, of JINR Scientific and Technical Council and JINR PAC for Condensed Matter, of Coordination Committee on Rusatom – Institute Laue–Langevin (ILL) cooperation, of Subcommittee of ILL Scientific Council, of American Neutron Society
Coordinator for Russia in International Collaboration on Advanced Neutron Sources activities
Member of the editorial boards of «Journal of Neutron Research», «Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters»
Regular co-director of NATO Advanced Studies Schools. Coordinator of JINR–Germany cooperation in the field of neutron research. Member of Organizing and Programme Committees of a number of national and international conferences, schools and workshops Lectured at Moscow State University. At present, lecturer at Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation

1994 - 1998 - Lecturer, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute

Research interests:
Lattice dynamics and phase transitions, disordered systems, diffusion in condensed matter, methods of neutron scattering

Author of 112 scientific publications.

Source of the information:
Information Bulletin "JINR News" 3 / 2001 and
"JINR NEWS. 2007. No.2"

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