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S C H E D U L E   O F   J I N R   M E E T I N G S   F O R   2 0 2 3

Workshop on Mathematical Problems in Quantum Information Science 09 January - 31 December,
LIT JINR (Dates will be announced shortly)
Meeting of the Programme Advisory Committee for Condensed Matter Physics 17 - 18 January,
ICH, Dubna
Meeting of the Programme Advisory Committee for Particle Physics 23 January,
ICH, Dubna
Thirtieth International Conference “Mathematics. Computing. Education”
23 - 27 January,
Online via Zoom
Meeting of the Programme Advisory Committee for Nuclear Physics 26 January,
ICH, Dubna
XVII International DIAS-BLTP winter school “Supersymmetry and Integrability” 31 January- 04 February,
BLTP JINR, Dubna (hybrid format)
The MAPS Age of Silicon Detectors 01 February - 31 December,
Park Hotel "Aya", Katun, Altai Republic
(Dates will be announced shortly)
School for students and young scientists on physics at NICA collider complex at JINR 03 - 24 February,
Yerevan, Armenia
133rd session of the JINR Scientific Council 16 - 17 February,
ICH, Dubna
International Workshop «Supersymmetry in Integrable Systems – SIS’23» 20 - 22 February,
Workshop “Infinite and Finite Nuclear Matter (INFINUM-2023)” 27 February - 03 March,
Workshop “NICA Acceleration Complex: problems and prospects – 2023” 01 - 31 March,
Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia
Meeting of the JINR Finance Committee 22 March,
ICH, Dubna (mixed format)
Session of the Committee of Plenipotentiaries of the Governments of the JINR Member States 24 - 25 March,
ICH, Dubna (mixed format)
School of Physics of Quark-Gluon (Hadron) Matter 30 March - 03 April,
29th International Seminar on Interaction of Neutrons with Nuclei
29 May - 02 June,
ICH, Dubna
12thInternational Conference on Clustering Aspects of Nuclear Reactions and Dynamics (CLUSTER’22) 20 - 24 June,
JINR, Dubna
10th International Conference “Distributer computing and Grid technologies in science and education” 03 - 07 July,
MLIT JINR, Dubna (mixed format)
21st Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics 24 - 30 August,
MSU, Moscow
XXV International Baldin Seminar “Relativistic Nuclear Physics and Quantum Chromodynamics” (Baldin ISHEPP XXV) 18 - 23 September,
JINR, Dubna
"Molecular genetic research in radiobiology. On the 70th anniversary of DNA structure discovery" 19 - 20 October,
International Conference Centre, Dubna (mixed format)

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